Cascade Bike Trainers works with various cycling teams and clubs throughout the nation, helping them stay at the top of their game. If your team is interested in sponsorship,  please fill out and submit the Cascade team application form.


team earlybird women
Early Bird Women’s Development Team

“Incredibly smooth – with no variation in resistance through my full pedal stroke, and good variation of resistance through my gear range. I originally planned to use this on only the occasional rainy days here in California, but I have been popping onto it more than I expected. Overall it’s a great product and I can’t really find any faults, strongly recommended!”

Maccabi USA Cycling
Maccabi USA

“Very psyched to have you supporting Maccabi USA Cycling, and be part of YOUR team too!”

Bear Creek Academy Cycling Team
Bear Creek Academy

“These kids are tough on their equipment, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed with how well the Pro Power trainers have held up. Thanks Cascade!”

Team Dayton Cycling
Team Dayton

“Cascade trainers are our favorite way to ride indoors. THey are so quiet you don’t have to disturb your – neighbors with turning up the volumn to drown out the noise.”

Colavito Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cycling Team
Team Colavita


Guanella Pass Hill Climb
Guanella Pass Hill Climb

climate ride

Cascade Health and Fitness is proud to work with organizations that make a difference by supporting caused based cycling events. Programs vary, but can include bike trainer donations, discounts, and promotional support for nonprofit organizations. For more information, please contact Cascade Health and Fitness with details about your event and contact information.