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Having Trouble Getting Excited About Indoor Training?

Having Trouble Getting Excited About Indoor Training?

Here are 10 quick tips to get you motivated – with some great rewards, too! Training indoors on an indoor bike trainer is a great way to keep be road fit during the winter, or on days when weather just doesn’t cooperate with training on the road. There is always an excuse to skip a workout. I have used them all. To help you stay on track, here are 10 tips on how to keep motivated and keep clocking those miles in the saddle you need to stay on pace.

Get Ready For Cranksgiving


What is Cranksgiving? It’s a food drive on two wheels happening all over the country. Most Cranksgiving cycling events will be held the weekend of November 21 and 22nd. Founded in 1999 by a group of messengers in New York City this unique event incorporates a traditional charity ride with a scavenger hunt. You get a shopping list and a location list and ride around to local grocery stores to purchase non-perishable foods that you then donate to local charities. To find out more information about Cranksgiving and an event in your areas continue reading the entire story.

Calculating Your Wattage Output When On Your Bike Trainer or Exercise Bike

Calculating Your Wattage Output When On Your Bike Trainer or Exercise Bike

Have you ever wondered what your wattage output could power while training on a Cascade FluidPro Power or CMXPro Power? A recent video showed an Olympic sprinter powering a toaster, so we did some quick calculations to see just what can be powered at given output levels.

I’ve Done It. I Am an Ironman!

I've Done It. I Am an Ironman!

It’s an amazing accomplishment to finish an Ironman. But just to compete is something to be proud of. The training and overall commitment to preparing yourself mentally for such a race is more then most people can comprehend. Natalie suffered a major setback of a fractured foot, yes that is correct a fractured foot, during her training. Such an injury would have sidelined most people’s determination, not to mention their ability, to continue to train but Natalie had a goal and made it a reality. We are glad she shared her experience with our community and wish her luck on her next adventure. Congrats.


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