Goal: Ironman Canada. COMPLETED

I’ve done it. I am an Ironman!
Wow. Just wow. What a race. What a day.

It started off well with a fantastic swim. I had a moment of panic in the water, as I always do, but I pulled it together by repeating, “you are in your own bubble.” Then came the transition to the bike. It was so cold that my fingers stopped working and the volunteers came to the rescue, opening my bag and pulling out my essentials. Just as I climbed onto my bike the torrential rain came and it didn’t let up until I hit Pemberton. As I made the turn in Pemberton, the headwind meant I had to push myself harder on what would have been the easier part of the course, so I was thankful when I finally made it to the 30km hill climb that would lead me back to Whistler.

Then came the run. This was definitely more of a mental battle than a physical one. I knew with my fractured foot that I wouldn’t be able to run the 42km, but in order to get to the finish line in time I would need to pull out the extra stops. On the second loop I could feel myself hitting the wall. With just 5km to go, my mind was overcoming some serious mental hurdles. One part of me was resigned to the fact that I just didn’t have enough in me to carry on and the other part of me would not allow me to give up. It was at this point that I saw my husband Michael and my best friend Zuzia. They were there for me; to push me through what felt like a mental marathon. And as I crossed the finish line I was greeted by a sea of hands and cheers and those words from the announcer I had been hoping for all day: “Natalie Bruckner-Menchelli, you are an Ironman.” I have never felt more alive.

I completed the course in 16:25: 48 with a MASSIVE smile on my face!

What made the Ironman such an amazing race for me however was something I hadn’t considered before. The thousands of amazing volunteers and supporters who were there with us until the very end, that gentleman who greeted me at the finish line and ensured I didn’t fall down, and most of all, my family and friends, my rocks. Without them I am certain this wouldn’t have been possible.

Would I do it again? Had you asked me during the race I would have said no way. Today, let’s just say I’m thinking about it!

Follow this link for the full results. Ironman Canada Results