Everything was going really well, then snap

Everything was going really well, then snap

Goal: Ironman Canada

Days until race: 4 months and counting

Miles cycled on Cascade Fluidpro Bike Trainer: 170 miles
Miles cycled on Cascade CMXPro Power Exercise Bike: 420 miles

April was an interesting month. Training was going really well. I started to listen to my body to figure out how much fuel I needed for the longer bike rides and runs, swimming was a blast and everything was going, well, swimmingly…and then, snap! Literally.

I was out on what was going to be a two-hour run, on a glorious evening, a big smile on my face when I suddenly rolled my ankle and fell to the ground. A woman came rushing over to ask me if it was broken. I held back the tears as the pain shot through my foot and told her I didn’t think so. Twenty minutes later I hobbled the two hour walk back up the mountain road home.

The bad news
Two weeks later and I still wasn’t able to put much weight on my left foot, so I decided to go to the doctor. It turns out I have a lateral malleolus fracture (more commonly known as a stress fracture).

It sounds bad, but, and here’s the upside, the doctor told me he won’t stop me from doing the Ironman, but that I should expect to be slow. I looked into deferring the Ironman, but unfortunately you have to compete in an event in the same year, and there’s only one Ironman Canada. So here’s the thing…either I give up my dream of competing in the Ironman this year and pay the $685 fee next year (yikes) OR I decide to suck up my pride and realize I will be slow and will probably end up walking the marathon part of the event.

The good news
I have kept up training in the pool and my Cascade CMXPro Power Exercise bike has been a godsend. It has allowed me to continue training, but stop when my foot is feeling too fragile. Right now I am going to continue to train as best as I can with the goal of doing the Ironman in July.

It’s not the best situation, but what a great conversation piece it will be if I complete the Ironman in under 17 hours and can say I did it with a broken ankle!

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