Freaking Out? Me?

Freaking Out? Me?

Goal: Ironman Canada

Days until race: 5 months and counting

Miles cycled on Cascade Fluidpro Bike Trainer: 140 miles
Miles cycled on Cascade CMXPro Power Exercise Bike: 310 miles

With just under five months now until the big day, here’s an insight into my world. What follows is a daily conversation:

Friend: “How’s the training coming along?”

Me: “Great. Just great. Well, I have those days where I feel so mentally strong that I could do the race tomorrow, and other days when I feel so unfit and think ‘what on earth am I doing?’”

Followed by: “It makes you human,” or “makes sense,” or best, “crazy lady!”
The truth is that while usually I feel great about the Ironman being just 19 weeks away, there are occasions where, for a few seconds, I FREAK OUT!

I’m pretty much sticking to my training schedule. The “pretty much” is because I’m also moving, helping my husband with a different location job, as well as doing some 12-hour workdays. Somehow I fit in 90-minute runs, two-hour bike rides and hour-long swims. The four-hour bike rides have been hit and miss, but I have learned that if I miss a training schedule, I can’t make it up with a double dose the next day – this is when injury and fatigue happen.

In honesty, I’m excited about the race. I may get strange looks from work colleagues when I race out of work to go swimming at lunch, or meet my neighbor who has just returned from the pub and I am just returning from an evening run…but it’s a great conversation starter…when I finally get my breath back!

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