Goal: Ironman Canada

Days until race: 6 months and counting

Miles cycled on Cascade Fluidpro Bike Trainer: 100 miles
Miles cycled on Cascade CMXPro Power Exercise Bike: 120 miles

January has been a fantastic month for training. While the lack of snow on our Vancouver Mountains would usually have me climbing the walls by now, instead I find myself fully focused on my training and more importantly, I feel alive!

I’ve been following a weekly fitness schedule that consists of two hour-long swims, two hour-long runs, a 90-minute bike ride on my static or spin bike (alternating), and a three to four-hour ride on my mountain bike (until it gets warmer).

As it has been such a busy month, I thought it would be fun to share a few things I’ve noticed:

  • Before you start training you’ll wonder how you will ever fit it into your busy schedule. Once you start training, you wonder what all the fuss was about. Nothing seems too much to handle … A 48-page report in half an hour? No problem!
  • If you find yourself at a conference in Toronto for work (and you are from the Pacific Northwest), don’t expect to be able to go outside for a run without feeling like you’ve swallowed a glass of liquid nitrogen.
  • You’ll have your good days (“I could do the Ironman tomorrow”) and your bad days (“What on earth made me think I could do this?”)
  • With physical strength comes mental strength, and also the annoying habit of saying, “no problem.” (See above.)
  • You’ll feel proud when you tell some people what you’re training for.
  • You’ll feel like a freak when you tell some people what you’re training for.
  • You’ll read countless blogs about the Ironman that will contradict one another about when to start training, long distance training versus brick training … and you’ll think sod it, and do your own thing.
  • You’ll start reading books on ultra marathoners and wonder, just for a second, if you may have a problem.