Goal: Ironman Canada

Days until race:7 months and counting

Miles cycled on Cascade Fluidpro Bike Trainer: 60 miles
Miles cycled on Cascade CMXPro Power Exercise Bike: 240 miles

I’m going to let you into a secret. This is just between us you understand, but I have been pretty slack this month when it comes to training.

I could use the excuse that it is the festive season and my social calendar has been jam-packed (which would be true in part). I could use the excuse that the weather has been so nasty that I haven’t wanted to get outside (but I have my indoor bike trainers). I could even use the excuse that work has been so very busy (which it has been, but that has never stopped me before).

No, the real reason is that as of January my training needs to kick into gear and I am using a simple psychological trick on myself that has worked in the past.

By slacking in the exercise department for a few weeks, guilt has started to seep in. You see, I’m not one of those people that can compete in a race and rely on my mental toughness. I have to know that I have put in the hours and that I am physically capable.

So what I am doing is winding down in order to kick-start the “real” training.

As of January 1, I will be roughly following this guide from ironman.com, which means I will be training six days a week, come rain or shine. I say roughly, because a few years ago I discovered a book called The Woman Triathlete by Christina Gandolfe, which works particularly well for me. So I am compiling a training schedule that combines the two plans.

At this stage I am confident that I have the base training in place. For Christmas I have asked for a few gizmos to get me really motivated like running lights and an ipod shuffle, and I am actually getting very, very excited about exercising.

So, what have I completed this month? Aside from a few longer runs a week and a couple of short stints on my exercise bike, not much. But it’s all been on purpose you see. Roll on January!