So you might ask yourself, when just getting through college can be tough enough – why would you throw yourself into the wilds of competitive collegiate cycling? It doesn’t have the glory of football or even the potential big league prospects of basketball or baseball.  We are talking often unsung heroes here.

We asked this question to our some of our favorite cyclists on the planet – riders on Cascade sponsored college teams. They said, “Hmmm – Are we a bunch of dorks on bicycles? Yes. Athletes? Well depends on who’s talking…“

Edward Kronfli, a talented and key rider at Santa Clara went on to say – “College cycling is a unique sport. It is the only sport where you have to work with your competitors in order to do well. It’s the fitness, the mind, and the passion. You must have all these things to win, much like in life.”

This sentiment matches up with what is true about the basics of college cycling. Governed by the USA Cycling conferences, college cycling includes more than 300 clubs made up of more than 4000 licensed riders. Most clubs are student run and funded and there are fewer restrictions than many other collegiate sports. Any full-time college student can race. Collective results are more important than individual achievements. There are no limits on professionals, no red shirts and no cap on the maximum numbers of years a student can race. Graduate students are welcome.

As Constantin Schreiber, an ASU cyclist explained, “Collegiate cycling is a great place for riders at all levels. I think one of its biggest values lies in giving everyone a place, even those who don’t compete. There’s also the ability to represent your school, to compete against riders more or less your age in the special context of collegiate rivalries …”

College cycling remains unique for the cycling fellowship it fosters. Joshua Spokes, a rider for the Maryland TERPS, told us – “Collegiate cycling forms camaraderie better than open amateur riding because every time you get on a bike for a team ride or a race, you know that everyone is trying to do their best on the bike and working towards a degree and you share those experiences.  As Edward Konfli went on to say, “I don’t need a team to play, nor a court or a field. It’s an addiction that I can carry with me till I die.”

At Cascade, we can’t say enough about how these young riders inspire us.

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