What do TERPS, GATORS, SUN DEVILS, and TORNADOS have in common?

They are all college teams sponsored by Cascade bike trainers!

Currently, Cascade sponsors 9 college and university teams across the USA – including Dartmouth, Bucknell, King University (Tornadoes), the University of Florida (Gators), Arizona State (Sun Devils), Western Washington, Temple University, Santa Clara, and the University of Maryland (Terps).

These teams all had great seasons in 2014 – with Team Florida taking home the 2014 overall team win for the South Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference for the second year in a row. Cascade bike trainers accompanied them to the 2014 Collegiate Nationals in Richmond, VA where they placed 8th in the nation for all D1 schools – sharing the trainers with Western Washington, who said, ” whoa – those are our trainers too – can we use them? Of course!” Got to love that great showing of team spirit and sportsmanship.

Although many colleges and universities have cycling at the club level, there are only 15 full-fledged varsity cycling teams in the United States. King University – one of Cascade bike trainers sponsored teams, is one of these top 15 varsity teams. In 2014, King cyclists claimed the Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Championship for a second year. Right now, the mountain biking season is in full swing, with King cyclist Cory Rimmer recently winning another race at Clemson University.

Other Cascade bike trainer team highlights for September include big thumbs for ASU Cycling, who recently cleaned up at the AZ Individual Time Trial State Championships. Between four riders, ASU claimed three titles and one third place. At the University of Maryland, Drew Hogg, a graduate student, is competing in the ACCC Mountain bike circuit in hopes of going to the USAC Collegiate Nationals this fall.

If you are interested in Cascade bike trainers sponsoring your team –at the collegiate level or in your community, please fill out and submit the sponsorship application form