Russell Stevenson


I use my Cascade trainer regularly for warming up at Cross and Road races. It’s extremely durable, stable and easy to set up. It also sees some garage time through the PNW winter months when it’s just too wet to ride. It’s a great all purpose tool.

Russell Stevenson / 2012/13 Cyclocross World Champion | 4X US National Champion in Road, MT and Cross
Tamarra Bessette


When I shift the CASCADE FLUIDPRO, it maintains a real road feel. And, there’s a really good diversity – the difference between the little and big ring is just perfect. I can stand in the big ring and go as hard as I want, and then shift down and get a spin. It’s awesome. Seriously. Good resistance on the high end and spin resistance on the low end.

20+ State Championships in Montana and Oklahoma, Two-time USAC Masters National Road Champion – 2011 and 2012, Team Director for 15+ years.

Tamarra Bessette / Racer, coach, mentor, indoor cycling instructor
Brendan Halpin


I’m a professional triathlete attempting to live the dream. Whether that be racing, climbing mountains, or enjoying a cold one after a hard days work. I have raced triathlon for several years and it has become a huge part of my life. I also enjoy coaching other endurance athletes

The Cascade FluidPro feels very real to the road. It’s smooth and consistent. It’s not coming and going. Some trainers I like and some I don’t, but this one, I really like.

  • 2011 Ironman Cozumel 13th professional, 9:04 *
  • 2011 Ironman Wisconsin 6th professional
  • 2011 Ironman Coeur D’Alene 11th professional
  • 2011 Gericks Wasa Lake Olympic Tri 2nd professional
  • Rock and Roll Marathon Arizona 18th overall 2:38*
  • 2010 Revolution 3 Cedar Point 13th professional
  • Great White North 1/2 Ironman 2nd professional
  • 2007 Ironman Coeur D’Alene 1st age group 10th amateur
  • 2007 Lake Steven’s 70.3 1st amateur
  • 2008 Boise 70.3 3rd amateur
  • 2009 Wildflower 1st amateur 16th overall
  • 2009 Canadian Long Course Championship 4th overall
  • 2009 Calgary 70.3 11th overall
  • 2009 Xterra NW Cup 10th overall
  • 2009 Ironman Canada 22nd pro
Brendan Halpin / Professional Triathlete




The Cascade FluidPro is great value. It’s lower priced than other trainers.  However, the benefits are much more.  You get a riser block that comes with it.  And as far as build quality goes, it’s as good or better than anything on the market.

Jeremy / Road and Cyclocross Racing


What I especially like about the Cascade FluidPro is how quiet it is. I can be at my house, on my bike, and not disturb anybody else. I had a friend that bought a trainer, and her husband made her take it back, because it was too loud. It’s really easy to use and I love the simplicity of it.

Valynn / Triathlete, Cycling Instructor


I like the quick connect feature. I just put it in, connect it, and off I go.  It doesn’t take a lot of prep work. This is great when I’m racing, as I put my bike in over and over again.

Karen / Women's Cycling Team


What I like about the Cascade FluidPro is just exactly how easy it is to use.  In the past I’m twisting knobs and dials and it takes me forever to dial my bike in to get it to sit straight.  With the Cascade Fluid Pro  – once I’ve set it for my bicycle, all I need to do is put it down and click the lever in place.

It’s solid, it’s stable, and it feels like you’re riding on the road.

Elizabeth / Cyclocross and Mountain Bike Racing, Coach


Compared to other trainers that I’ve used, the Cascade Fluid trainer has a much more stable base.  It’s more solid.  It doesn’t rock around.  The clamping of the bicycle into the trainer is also very easy, with a cam lever. It’s significantly better than other trainers– including the good design, the stability, ease of use, quietness and how it folds up and packs small.

Keith / Cyclist, Racer


The Cascade Fluid Pro feels like you’re riding on the road.  You can change your gears, and I can stand up, which is great.  I can put it in a really heavy gear and I can ride standing up, which replicates some steep hills that I would have to ride. I love the feel of it and the ease of use. It’s a huge asset to someone who does triathlons, because the bike part is such a huge part of the event.  I would absolutely recommend it.

Tory / Triathlete
R. Rakowitz

“Hands down the Cascade Bike Trainer FluidPro Power is the perfect balance of value and performance.”

I was curious about this head-to-head test, as I planned on using a trainer wheel with the right tire and leaving the Power Tap ready to roll outside. After running through a 60-minute workout the spread between the units was +/- 5w. This is incredible for a trainer with power for the price point. Read the Full Testimonial

R. Rakowitz / Customer