Hunter Allen


I highly recommend the Cascade rollers to my clients and our athletes at Peaks Coaching Group. They are a super value, high quality and of course really help with improving your cycling economy. They are smooth and spin super well. I was easily able to get up to speed on them and they feel really comfortable at high speeds (53:12 gearing) when doing intervals AND really like the convenience of them folding up and sticking them in a corner of the room after my workout.

Also, the fact my tires were worn wasn’t really that noticeable on the road, but when I got on the rollers, it was obvious. I replaced my worn out tires right after the first session and then the 2nd session, no more bumpiness! Goes to show you how nice the drums are on these!

Hunter Allen / CEO Peaks Coaching Group


When I first hopped on the rollers I was reminded how awesome a good roller ride is! I have owned two other sets rollers and I have to say that these are by far the nicest of the ones I have ridden on. The key feature that made them better was the smoothness. I was actually almost shocked at how smooth and quiet the ride was. I really like how secure the drums are and I found it very easy to move the drum to the location that most suited my bike size.

Karen / Elite Coach, Peaks Coaching Group
Todd Scheske

“I was skeptical about trying another brand, but these rollers hit it out of the park!”

Having ridden Kreitler rollers for over 25 years I was skeptical about trying another brand, but these rollers hit it out of the park!

They came fully assembled and ready to setup and ride right out of the box and with the adjustable feet they were super stable. That will be a big bonus at the next criterium parking lot warm up. Immediately apparent were some really nice features, like the no tool required front drum location adjustment for switching between track and road bikes or if a friend wants to jump on them to warm up for race. I also liked the attached Velcro strap to keep them closed for transport when you are carrying your bag and extra wheels as well.

Before my first ride, I measured the run out of the drums and was pleasantly surprised that they were all .0015” to .0020” T.I.R (total indicator run out). On my first ride, that precision was apparent as they quietly purred like a fat cat on sunny day. No bumps or rhythmic noises, just smooth even surfaces that allow you to sit up no handed spinning up 120 rpm.

The bearings are very smooth and the 3.5” drums gave enough resistance to get some nice threshold work before even hitting the 53×11 and their wide stance gave me enough lateral movement to even comfortably watch TV without running off the edges. When I was done with each ride, they folded up in seconds and stored nicely out of the way.

Todd Scheske / Training Peaks Coach

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