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Product Reviews TRAINER Review did a review on "Dumb" Trainers or Trainers that are not Smart Trainers.  "Dumb" is a term used to describe standard stationary bike trainers.  

“ Cascade makes a nice fluid trainer. Right now it's selling for $299, including riser block. It's got a 7lb flywheel and probably my favorite system for affixing the bike in the trainer, which it has patented. ”

– Slow Twitch -

Read The Full Review FluidPro Product Review gives the Cascade FluidPro a 4/5 star rating. Read what they have to say.  

“ In performance, the FluidPro and the CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer are quite similar. Cascade's FluidPro has a slightly more stable configuration thanks to its wider rear stance, while the Fluid2 has a bit more refinement, thanks to press buttons that lock the legs in place (Cascade's just pivot freely) and height adjustment to compensate for uneven surfaces. The resistance and riding feel are very similar, with the FluidPro ramping up progressively in resistance as speed increases. The 7lb flywheel delivers a smooth experience, providing inertia against quick starts and allowing a fair amount of coasting before adding more resistance - similar to what you'd feel on the road. ”

– Bike Radar -

Read The Full Review logoThe Bike Habit FluidPro Product Review

The Bike Habit  did a really great review of our FluidPro Bike Trainer.  Here is one of their remarks.  

“ We were able to spin easily in our little ring and then hammer and stand in our big ring and the resistance mimicked what we feel riding outdoors. Given the weight of the flywheel, we were even able to coast for a few seconds before our rear tire would come to a stop. ”

– The Bike Habit logoFitegg FluidPro Product Review did their first bike trainer review with the FluidPro Bike Trainer

“ The Cascade FluidPro Power Bike Trainer is solid, like you could throw it down a staircase and drive a truck over it and you’re not going to hurt it. In addition to the extreme hardware durability, the stability it provides when your bike is actually attached is excellent. Compared to other trainers that have tried I would rank this in the top 2 (next to the Computrainer) for bike stability. ”

– Fitegg -

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Product Review from

In a comprehensive review of bike trainers,  the Cascade FluidPro Bike Trainer  was noted as one of the 8 best bike trainers of 2014. 

“ With a thermally sealed fluid drive, this Cascade Fluid Pro trainer is guaranteed to give you what should be years of training.   It’s a smooth and stable ride with this one, and the front riser that comes with it (and therefore saves you around $20) also means you have three different height options. ”


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